why is korean food so good?

a dinner table adorned with scrumptious korean dishes

it’s fairly healthy

its emphasis on vegetables and simply cooked meats means that korean food is relatively healthy and you don’t feel guilty eating it. take kimchi for example: a fermented cabbage which accompanies nearly every korean dish. there are some unhealthy meals such as pork belly but they are eaten in moderation and balanced with a variety of food groups.

the flavours

korean food benefits from different seasonings, textures and flavours. some dishes are spicy, while others are bitter from fermentation. the fact it doesn’t stick to a single taste pallet means there will always be a dish for everyone.

it’s innovative and dynamic

other cuisines have been criticised for their intransigence. contrastingly, korean food is changing. chilies were adapted from south america and quickly mixed with kimchi, spam arrived in the korean peninsula in the 1950s along with american soldiers and was quickly adopted into stews. equally, a walk along myeondong will exhibit how innovative street snacks are.

interactive fun

what i really like about korean food is that you get to share with your friends/guests. i really believe that eating together brings people together in a commune spirit. there are also a few dishes that you get to cook yourself which just makes it more fun. i.e: korean bbq

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