Often I hear people saying that they don’t remember the plot of movies or books they have seen or read and I do wonder, what is the point of consuming material if we are to forget it all a few days later. Is it purely to pass time? To forget the day we have? To mask feelings of loneliness and isolation? All in all these are hard things to address but an easier question is whether overconsumption exists and is there any way to beat it?

The pandemic has forced us to live slower lives but I wonder if it has also encouraged us to overconsume? If there is anyway to slow down in this busy way. I have jot down some ideas but they are in the preliminary stages:

  1. Do not consume tv/movies in the morning
  2. Only watch tv/movies with people
  3. Prioritise fitness and activity over consumption
  4. Plan my day around goals and hobbies
  5. Write about things you have read or watched, keep track of it within a software like notion (this helps with memory)
  6. Delete social media off my mobile phone
  7. Increase deep work
  8. Block out time in calendar to focus on one task at a time
  9. Try using older technologies with single functions (as opposed to smart phones which have multi-purposes

I can feel my brain has slowed down as I am unable to apply newly acquired knowledge. It feels like it all falls to the back of my head and I’m unable to consolidate my learning. From next week, I will begin to be more intentional with my time.


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