A Dorset Affair

Cosy cottages, green-blue sees and white cliffs, Purbeck is the perfect place to visit when taking advantage of sparse UK summer. Located in south Dorset, Purbeck has something for everyone; the beach goers and forest bathers.

1. Cerne Abbas the Giant

Located in the beautiful Cerne (celtic for stone) Valley and Dorset downs, the village of Cerne Abbas is a beautiful village filled with cob and thatch cottages. The village grew around the Cerne Abbey which was founded in 987 AD. Abbas, which is medieval Latin for abbot. With Henry the 8th’s dissolution of monasteries in 1539, the abbey was destroyed however the village is still intact and a beautiful visit.

The highlight of the village is definitely the chalk giant that has been carved on the side of a hill. Likely to be created in the late Saxon period (700-1100AD), however it’s plausible that it was rediscovered and re-chalked.

2. Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove and the Jurassic coast

A UNESCO heritage, Durdle door is a natural limestone arch which was created around 10,000 years ago when the sea pierced the Portland limestone. It’s name stems from the Old English thirl, meaning to pierce.

The entire Jurassic coast is perfect for fossils hunting although its good etiquette to leave the fossils on the beach after collecting. Walking shoes are also recommended for the cliffs.

3. Corfe Castle

Although destroyed in the English civil war, Corfe Castle was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century. Expect ruins but a few hours to revel in the castle’s past.

4. Old Harry Rocks (and the bay)

A chalk formation which has eroded to form three separate stumps. One local legend sites it as the sleeping place of the devil (old Harry) while another tells of a Viking that drowned and turned into a pillar of chalk. The site is great for drone pics and has various pubs nearby to enjoy the view with a pint.


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